Give your drivers the credit they deserve. Nominate them for a Microlise Driver of the Year Award.

According to RHA figures, the shortage of HGV drivers in the UK stands at 45,000. With the average age of drivers well above fifty years of age, young talent is vital for the future of the industry.

This award aims to promote the importance of bringing young drivers into the industry. It recognises that there are some extremely talented individuals out there who deserve recognition for the great work that they are doing.

There is always room for improvement and this award sets out to reward those who embrace this attitude and put it into action. They may be experienced or new to the profession, they may also have embraced new technology or systems to improve performance.

This is the driver who transport managers would clone if they could. This category awards those drivers who deliver an exemplary level of service that acts as an example to others within their organisations.

They ‘go the extra mile’ when carrying out their duties, showing great commitment to get the job done, have a positive outlook and are a role model for young drivers.

This award recognises the important job that drivers carry out in the community, and will be awarded to a driver who carried out a heroic deed to help a member of the public whilst driving for their day to day job.

The most understated drivers, who have been dedicated to their job and constantly deliver a great level of performance are often overlooked. This award recognises the driver who is often an ambassador for their company, having consistently delivered excellent performance and loyalty over a long period of time.

Once again, we will include four awards based solely on driver performance. There’s no need to submit entries for the Short, Medium, Long and Driver Excellence Awards, as these are determined through analysis of the anonymised data from 225,000+ drivers.